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Hi dear and lovely guys I don't know if you remember me, anyway, i'm Manuela Cinnamon I've been here for a few weeks, so if you like to meet me(only if you're interested and appreciate a good sensations with me). Don't waste your time, I'm here to tasting my dear.

So I have a great news. I changed my bubs size,now is bigger than last time. I am lady from Brasil with full passion tropical country I have a lot things to say about me and what I am but is better share with you the best feeling instead of talking about I will hope you curiosity about me dear

Ciao carissimo , non so se ti ricordi di me, io sono Manuela Cinnamon e se vuoi incontrarmi, rimango a Milano per poche settimane ma solo se sei interessato a goderti insieme a me meravigliosi momenti Non perdere tempo, tesoro!

So i have good news my size of Bubs is more big than last time I'm here then come to tasting they dear...